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Timing is Everything

Fall in Love in Denver, Colorado



Florist Alyson is focused on saving her business when her ex walks back into her life after breaking her heart ten years ago. David has spent the last ten years rebuilding his life and is ready to right his wrongs and reconcile with Alyson. Can the two overcome their past and learn to love each other again in the present?​



Jillian’s life turns hectic when she agrees to help her family and help Jackson-her ex she’s trying to avoid-to surprise their engaged best friends. Jackson is up to his neck in the project from hell when his family really needs him. Tension? Yes. And electric chemistry. Can they find a way back to each other for a real chance at love?



Campbell is getting her life back on track after escaping a difficult past when she unexpectedly connects with handsome Scott, her literature professor. Single-Dad Scott has been alone for far too long and is ready to meet his match, but never imagined a student would capture his attention. Will love be worth taking a huge risk?



Felicity, a planner of fairy tale weddings, never expected to acquire an enemy who’s leaving her menacing notes. Unable to ignore the threat, she turns to Ian, a rookie detective whose move to Denver had never been part of the plan. But he’s determined to prove himself and help the lady with the sassy mouth. Will he find the perpetrator before it’s too late?

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