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From Childhood Dreams to Bestselling Novels

My storytelling adventure began with a simple sheet of loose-leaf paper and a blue erasable pen, crafting tales that brought my imaginations to life. This passion for writing wasn't just a phase; it shaped my future, leading me to pursue a degree and then a master's in Creative Writing.

My debut into the world of published authors marked the beginning of sharing my love for romance and happily-ever-afters with readers around the globe. "Me, Shakespeare and the Anti-Love Club" helped introduce me to the literary community and sparked the creation of the Pacifica Academy Drama Series, a collection close to my heart. But why stop at teen romance? My literary repertoire soon expanded to include the Timing is Everything Series, enveloping readers in adult contemporary romance that resonates with the depths of real-life love stories.

The release of "Passion Under the Microscope" marks the latest addition to the Smart is Seriously Sexy Series, a testament to my belief that intelligence and emotion go hand-in-hand in crafting the perfect love story. Beyond the pages of my books, my life is filled with the simple joys of travel, the suspense of mysteries and thrillers, the rhythm of music, and the warmth of time spent with family, friends, and my spirited Australian Shepherd mix, who's always ready for the next adventure.

Join me where the stories I share promises laughter, tears, and the kind of love that leaves a lasting impression. Because in the end, it's not just about finding the perfect ending; it's about cherishing the journey that leads us there.


Welcome to my world of storytelling, where every book is an invitation to dream, love, and discover the power of a well-told romance.

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