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Discover Love's Perfect Timing in Denver

Navigate the Heart's Complexities 

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Denver, Colorado, the Timing is Everything Series explores the intricate dance of timing in matters of the heart. This series delves into the lives of characters who find themselves at life's crossroads, where love's timing challenges everything they thought they knew. From second chances to new beginnings, each story weaves a tale of romance, heartbreak, and healing, proving that when it comes to love, timing is, indeed, everything.


Last Time We Loved

A Chance to Rekindle the Flame

Alyson Douglas's world is turned upside down when her first love, David Preston, re-enters her life with intentions to rekindle their romance. Amid saving her florist business and navigating the wounds of the past, Alyson finds herself pondering if love can truly be given a second chance.


First Time We Laughed

Reconnecting Hearts with Laughter

Jillian Castillo's organized life spirals into chaos when she teams up with her ex, Jackson Lovett, to plan a surprise for their best friends. As they navigate their roles as maid-of-honor and best man, Jillian and Jackson discover that the chemistry between them hasn't faded, sparking hope for a second chance at love.


The Time We Met

Forbidden Love in the Classroom

Campbell Grey and Scott Mayhew's story is a forbidden romance that defies the rules. As a student and professor, they navigate their undeniable attraction with caution. Their journey is filled with secrets, safety, and the fear of opening up, but together, they may just find a path to love amidst the dangers that lurk.


This Time It's Forever

Mystery and Romance Entwined

Felicity Mayhew's dream job as a wedding planner turns nightmarish when she becomes the target of threatening notes. Teaming up with Rookie Detective Ian Stafford, Felicity embarks on a suspenseful quest to uncover her stalker. Amid the danger, a surprising connection blooms between Felicity and Ian, leading them to wonder if this time, love could truly last forever.

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