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Where Love Meets Intellect

Fall in Love with Brains and Heart in Smart is Seriously Sexy

Dive into the Smart is Seriously Sexy Series, where intelligence isn't just admired—it's adored. Journey through the classrooms and hearts of Brigid's Vista High School, where chemistry isn't limited to the lab, and love lessons are part of the curriculum. With a blend of wit, wisdom, and warmth, these stories showcase the irresistible allure of those who think and love deeply.


Off-the-Charts Chemistry

Sparks Fly in the Science Lab

Meet Stacey Kinsella, a chemistry teacher who's resigned to her fate as a cat-loving spinster—until the day Reece Caldwell, the new football coach, walks into her life. Their unexpected chemistry ignites a connection that challenges every theory she's ever had about love. In the battle between brains and brawn, will their hearts emerge victorious?


Passion Under the Microscope

Love's Formula Found

Tanith Kerrigan's declaration of singlehood is tested when a sprained ankle introduces her to Dr. Luke Caldwell. As a biology teacher, Tanith's used to examining life under a microscope, but she didn't expect her love life to become the subject. With every moment they spend together, they discover the complex chemistry of love, proving that sometimes, the heart knows more than the mind.

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