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Dive into Drama and Love at Pacifica Academy

Where First Loves and Theater Dreams Take Center Stage

Set against the backdrop of Pacifica Academy, each book in this five-part series unfolds a tale of self-discovery, friendship, and heart-fluttering romance, all while navigating the highs and lows of high school drama—both on and off the stage. From founding anti-love clubs to unexpected holiday romances, these stories are sealed with a swoon and guaranteed to captivate fans of YA romance.


Me, Shakespeare and the Anti-Love Club

A Stage for Second Chances

Kassidy's high school life turns upside down when she starts the school's first-ever Anti-Love Club, only to land the role of Juliet opposite her ex-boyfriend's Romeo. Get ready for a year filled with unexpected twists, turns, and a chance at new love amidst the dramatic world of high school theater.


The '68 Camaro Between Kenickie and Me

When Opposites Collide

Natalie's world collides with drama enthusiast Shane's over a classic car restoration project for Grease. Their shared passion sparks an unexpected friendship, challenging Natalie to reveal her true self and maybe, just maybe, open her heart to more.


Teddy Brewster's Hold On Me

The Unexpected Leading Lady

Maddie steps into the limelight as Aunt Abby in Arsenic and Old Lace, only to have her perception of love and friendship challenged. Project Dating Spree leads to unexpected revelations, especially about her adorkable co-star, Liam.


Silver Bells for Me and (Saint) Nicolas

Holiday Heartstrings Unplucked

Heather's longtime crush on Nicolas "Wow" Costello turns into a rollercoaster of emotions when they share the stage in a Christmas talent show. Dreams, talents, and hearts collide in this festive tale of young love.


You and Me Dancing to Gershwin

A Leap Towards Love

Lexi's final high school months are set to be unforgettable as she steps into the role of assistant choreographer for Crazy For You. Working closely with Noah stirs feelings beyond their shared passion for dance, leading to a romance as timeless as Gershwin's melodies.

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