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Pacifica Academy Drama
The Series

Who knew there could be so much DRAMA in theater?


Heartbroken and spurned Kassidy starts an Anti-Love Club in response to an "outbreak" of broken hearts at her high school. Then Justin, the boy who broke her heart, is cast with her in Romeo and Juliet. Romance and gossip abound in this flirty, fun, second-chance rom-com, perfect for those looking to swoon. Brace yourself for some major DRAMA!



Edgy Natalie clashes with Kenickie--drama boy, Shane—while working on the musical, Grease. She never expects a shared love of classic muscle cars to ignite a connection with him. Before she knows it, they're secretly texting, and she's lying to cover their "friendship." Secrets. Lies. The DRAMA continues in Book 2.



Maddie has her first leading role in Arsenic and Old Lace. She’s ready to conquer the stage. Then Liam—her co-star Teddy Brewster—lets it slip her ex called her clingy. Determined to prove the opposite, she creates Project Dating Spree. What could go wrong? Everything. And more DRAMA ensues when she begins to see Liam in a new light.



*A Holiday Novella*

Heather can’t stop crushing on off-limits Nicolas “Wow” Costello, especially after he unleashes a surprising (and ridiculously hot) talent during the show’s auditions. Inspired by him and his courage, she decides to audition and share her secret talent, which leads to her wildest Nicolas dreams coming true. A Christmas talent show and the boy of your dreams equals total holiday DRAMA.



All Lexi wants to do is dance. When her aunt asks her to be the assistant choreographer for the spring musical, the Gershwin review Crazy For You, she leaps at the chance. But it comes with a hot price named Noah—the boy she can’t stop thinking about. Soon, she and Noah are spending more time together, and connect in a way that goes far beyond dancing to Gershwin. Will she be able to leap in ways that have nothing to do with dancing? The DRAMA concludes in Book 5.

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